Liam Tung

Liam Tung is an Australian freelance writer who’s indebted to the Internet. He began working from home in Sweden, way before Covid-19 made everyone else do it. Writing on the web about the internet — the networks, devices, people and cultures that make it up —  saved him from destitution while living abroad in Sweden,

Dr. Florian Lehmer

Dr. Florian Lehmer is a research fellow in the Occupations in Transition research group at Germany’s Institute for Employment Research. His research interests lie in empirical labor market economics and applied microeconometrics. Currently, he is primarily focused on the effects of digital and ecological transformations on the labor market.

Dorothée Enskog

Dorothée Enskog freelances as a financial journalist, focusing on economics and energy-related topics. She holds a degree in economics from UCLouvain in Belgium. Her first paycheck: It was a great feeling to be able to buy a Walkman, the first-generation portable audio device available in the 1980s, with my first paycheck.

Karin Pallaver

Karin Pallaver is Associate Professor of African History at the Department of History and Cultures, University of Bologna. Her research interests lie in the social and economic history of 19th-century and early colonial East Africa, with special reference to pre-colonial and colonial currencies. She has recently edited the volume “Monetary Transitions: Currencies, Colonialism and African

Jean Ngendahimana

Jean Ngendahimana is a Rwandan former radio journalist now based in Berlin. He writes about migration, entrepreneurship, business in Africa and international relations.   His most memorable paycheck: When I was in my second year at the university, I wanted to have first-hand work experience. So I joined a media company as a volunteer. I did

Julian Delia

Julian Delia is a freelance journalist based in Malta. His work has been published by The Times of Malta, The Shift News, and Politico. He is also an activist and regularly works with civil society organizations. He enjoys spending his free time listening to music, writing poetry and stories, and meeting interesting people. His first

Marcin Antosiewicz

Marcin Antosiewicz studied political science at universities in Warsaw, Kraków and Fribourg in Switzerland. He spent 15 years in the Polish public media, including as a TVP1 and TVP2 news reporter. He used to work as a foreign correspondent from London and Berlin, for Deutsche Welle, The Sun and WP Television. He has reported from

Rabiya Jaffery

Rabiya Jaffery is an independent journalist covering stories from West and South Asia. Most of her work focuses on migrants and refugees.

Adam Williams

Adam D. Williams is a journalist and writer based in Mexico City. Williams has covered Latin America since 2009 and previously lived in Costa Rica from 2009-2013, where he was Bloomberg’s Central American and Caribbean correspondent. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Financial Times, El País, Bloomberg Businessweek and Bloomberg, and he

Mack FitzPatrick

Mackinley “Mack” FitzPatrick is an Archaeology Ph.D. student at Harvard University. His interests primarily lie in ancient media, particularly in the form of record keeping systems like that of the Inka khipu. Mack has conducted field work in Wyoming, the northern coast and highlands of Peru, and the southwestern Brazilian Amazon. Most memorable paycheck: When