Alba Hough

Alba Hough is ADP’s Senior Director for Global Payroll and has over ten years of payroll experience, particularly in North America, Latin America, and EMEA countries. She’s passionate about coaching, training, and developing highly focused, productive, motivated and purpose-driven teams and believes in using analytics to support better HR leadership decision-making. Before joining ADP, she

Liz Lay

Liz Lay joined the CIPP board of directors in 2017 and is a past Chair. She is passionate about payroll, payroll education, and promoting the profession. She led the design development and project management of the CIPP Payroll Quality Partnership scheme, which is now a core element of the Payroll Assurance scheme. She was a

Adam Flight

Adam Flight is the Director of Payroll at Moore Kingston Smith. He has a passion for all things related to payroll and HR and will go above and beyond to ensure that clients understand things in the clearest and simplest way to help resolve their query. Adam’s main career background is HR, having worked within

Ana Laiu

Ana Laiu is a passionate payroll advocate with over 20 years of experience. As the Director of Pay & Reward for the PPHE Hotel Group, she has invested time and effort to raise the profile of payroll and its contributions to critical business functions. She is also committed to securing the future of the payroll

MaryLou Costa

MaryLou Costa is a freelance journalist covering the future of work, workplace gender equality, sustainability, innovation, startups, parenting, women’s health, mental health and travel. Her work has featured in Fast Company, BBC, Insider, Sifted, Stylist, Women’s Health, Refinery29, WorkLife and others.

Océane Perez-Laze

Océane Perez-Laze is a French journalist based in San Diego. She has worked in Europe, the Middle East, and now the United States with the goal to inform people and shine a light on stories that matter. 

Juliana Tan

Juliana Tan is a photographer working in Singapore and Southeast Asia. She is known for photographing portraits and human-centric stories. Her work has been published in Time, New York Times, Wired and the like.

Toh Ee Ming

Toh Ee Ming is a Singaporean freelance journalist, covering everything from human rights, social issues, environment to travel and lifestyle stories. Her articles have been published globally on news outlets like the Associated Press, Al Jazeera, FairPlanet, South China Morning Post, Southeast Asia Globe, and more, earning her recognition by the International Journalists’ Network. In

Santi Carneri Tamaryn

Santi Carneri Tamaryn is a freelance journalist, writer, photographer, TV producer and documentary creator who has been a correspondent based in Paraguay since 2013 for international media such as: The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice News, BBC, Associated Press, France Press, Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welle (Germany) and El País (Spain), among others. Born

Rosie Pioth

Rosie Pioth, a seasoned multimedia journalist based in Brazzaville, boasts over two decades of experience in the field. Formerly serving as a News Coordinator at Africanews, an affiliate of Euronews, she has established herself as a freelance professional. In addition to her roles as a correspondent for France 24 and Associated Press, Pioth has actively