Lorena Rios

Lorena Rios is a freelance journalist based in Mexico. She has covered stories that range from immigration and women’s rights to politics, the economy and technology in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, the United States and now Mexico. 

Liv Stroud

Liv Stroud is a British journalist who’s been living in Berlin for 10 years. She’s worked for news organizations including The Associated Press and the dpa German Press Agency, as well as formerly curating the culture section of ExBerliner.

Ushar Daniele

Ushar Daniele is an award-winning journalist from Borneo. She is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she covers breaking news, current affairs and features for international news agencies like VICE News, Al Jazeera English and CNN. 

Jeremy Montgomery

Based in London, Jeremy Montgomery is currently a board director for the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), a role he’s held for more than two years. He has been privileged to be part of CIPP’s growth, which offers qualifications and support for payroll professionals. After getting his start in local government, he worked in

Mark van Bijsterveld

Based in Amsterdam, Mark van Bijsterveld is an experienced Chief HR Officer with a background in HR Services. Building impactful, efficient HR teams with homegrown talent is one of his passions. 

Jenna Schnuer

Anchorage, Alaska-based Jenna Schnuer writes about business, science, travel, and whatever else interests her along the way. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, National Geographic, Fortune and other outlets. Her first job was as a bookseller in a now-defunct chain bookstore. 

Anuj Srivas

Anuj Srivas is an independent journalist who covers issues at the intersection of technology, business and society. Until recently, he was the political economy editor for The Wire, an award-winning Indian news website. His first paycheck: In 2009, during my first year of college, I freelanced for a national newspaper. I didn’t have a bank