Mack FitzPatrick

Mackinley “Mack” FitzPatrick is an Archaeology Ph.D. student at Harvard University. His interests primarily lie in ancient media, particularly in the form of record keeping systems like that of the Inka khipu. Mack has conducted field work in Wyoming, the northern coast and highlands of Peru, and the southwestern Brazilian Amazon.

Most memorable paycheck: When I first started as a research assistant helping a professor manage a large archaeological dataset, I thought I would be doing it solely for the experience. When he told me to keep track of my hours, I was elated to both be doing what I love and be paid for it. I went straight to my favorite burrito shop to celebrate after receiving my first paycheck.

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    Khipu, the ancient Inka accounting system

    Long before Excel, accountants of the Inka Empire used knotted strings called khipu, or quipu, to record taxes and stock.

    Issue 6: Care