Amit Roy Choudhury

Based in Singapore, Amit Roy Choudhury is a freelance journalist specialising in technology, finance, healthcare and the environment. He also runs a Singapore-based consultancy, Writerspace, which works with companies to create original thought-provoking content. Amit also does public speaking engagements on all things related to technology and moderates panel discussions. Previously, Amit was the Technology Editor of Singapore-based publication, The Business Times, and has held several editor/editorial positions in various other media organizations in different countries.

His first paycheck: “While in university doing a postgraduate degree, I landed in a newsroom as an intern, almost by chance. The controlled chaos was a sort of epiphany moment, and I decided to stay. My first paycheck was about $100 and didn’t even last a week, but I have no regrets in getting a ringside view of history as it is created.”

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