The fourth issue’s theme is Security in all of its forms: financial, emotional, technological and more. Our paychecks let us plan for the future and save for retirement, ensuring security in years to come. We talked to eight 75-year-olds around the world about how they prepared for retirement — and how it’s going. 

The pandemic has also forced continued investment in cybersecurity as attacks rose in 2020. Minimum wage laws — first enacted in the Industrial Revolution to provide more security for workers — can also have a big effect on mental health. With the rise of the gig economy, some countries and cities are trying to put more emphasis on job security. 

You’ll also learn how pyramid schemes nearly took down Albania’s economy in the 1990s, and how debit cards changed our lives in the past four decades. Real people talk pay in Beijing, home to the Winter Olympic Games this year, and you’ll meet Hamburg’s swanfather, who’s responsible for the safety of the Hanseatic city’s feathered friends.