Ina Prinz

Professor Dr. Ina Prinz is a professor in the history of computer science and mathematics and the director of the Arithmeum, a public museum at the University of Bonn, Germany. The Arithmeum has the world’s most comprehensive collection of historical calculating machines, early calculating devices and early digital computers. In addition is the Arithmeum Library, which contains the most complete collection of historical mathematics books. She researches the history of mechanical calculating and her next publication will present the prototype of the famous Arithmaurel calculating machine of 1848. 

Her first paycheck: I won a prize in an art competition at the age of 17, when I painted a variant of an artwork by Edward Hopper. I spent this money to get my driver’s license.

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    Four centuries ago, during a time of great innovation, Wilhelm Schickard invented the first-ever calculating machine in Germany.

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