Liam Tung

Liam Tung is an Australian freelance writer who’s indebted to the Internet. He began working from home in Sweden, way before Covid-19 made everyone else do it. Writing on the web about the internet — the networks, devices, people and cultures that make it up —  saved him from destitution while living abroad in Sweden, then in Spain and now in Paris. Back in the 1990s, he also earned a Bachelor of Economics and Arts at Sydney’s Macquarie University. He enjoys talking with people but he worries about the future of the world for his three kids.

His most memorable paycheck: My first paycheck was from a McDonald’s restaurant in western Sydney. I made about 8 Australian dollars per hour. The payslip was about three lines long and included my name, tax file number and, most importantly, what I earned for 12 hours work in the week and an extra few hours at a higher Saturday rate.  

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