Luisa Rollenhagen

Luisa Rollenhagen is an Argentinian-German freelance journalist based in Berlin. She’s worked for publications including Deutsche Welle, GQ, The Guardian, and BuzzFeed.

Her first paycheck: “I believe I got my first paycheck in 2007, when I was working as a waitress at a beach bar. The money was awful, maybe €7 an hour? I once spilled six beers on a man because I stumbled in the sand while having to balance a full tray on one hand.”

Latest articles

AI and trust

As generative artificial intelligence enters the workplace, companies need to consider the risks and the benefits.

Issue 10: Trust
Michelle Whitfield on bringing Meta’s payroll up to date

While Meta is known for being cutting-edge, its payroll needed an update. Working with ADP created a more contemporary operation that continues to keep up with the latest trends.

Issue 9: Back to School
Jennifer Collins on getting employees through a crisis

For Microsoft’s Senior Director of Global Payroll, the importance of delivering payroll took on a new urgency when crisis struck in Ukraine.

Issue 9: Back to School
Teachers around the world 

Teachers around the world discuss feeling passionate yet undervalued in a noble profession with “dishearteningly low” pay.

Issue 9: Back to School
Farhad Mahbub’s journey to automation with purpose

Worley’s Global Payroll Transformation Lead took a chance — and brought ADP along for the ride — to improve payroll for teams spread across 49 countries.

Issue 8: Risk
Hamburg’s swanfather: Keeping birds out of trouble since 1674

Olaf Nieß holds one of the oldest civil servant jobs in Germany. His most important task? Taking care of Hamburg’s swans.

Issue 4: Security
Pipelines of dollars in Venezuela

Remittances in U.S. dollars are the bedrock of the fragile Venezuelan economy. But those dollars that millions of people depend on to survive aren’t always easy to come by. 

Issue 1: Lifelines