Puja Bhattacharjee

Based in Kolkata, India, Puja Bhattacharjee is a freelance multimedia journalist. She has written for national and international publications on health, science, public policy, LGBTQ+ issues, and art and culture.

Her first paycheck: “It was in May 2012, and it was for 25,000 INR ($343). I had just started working for a public policy magazine in Delhi, India. I wanted to go on a shopping spree with my first paycheck. Unfortunately, I dislocated my right elbow soon after and ended up spending most of it on medical bills.”

Latest articles

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The pandemic has been an extraordinary stressor for unpaid caregivers who are also working. Carers share how companies can better help them.

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Bringing humanity to the boardroom

In 2014, India mandated corporate social responsibility spending for all large companies. Now CSR funding tops $2 billion annually, with half of those funds dedicated to pandemic relief in 2020.

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How 6 people in Kolkata earn their rupees

We took to the streets of Kolkata, India, to ask people about their first and future paychecks. 

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