Zoe Cooper

Zoe Cooper is a writer and designer from New York, based in Berlin. She covers the intersection of visual culture (art, design, film) and technology for publications including Vox, Artsy, TASCHEN and Disegno.

Her most memorable paycheck: “When I was in high school, I was paid $120 to organize a retired historian’s book collection.”

Latest articles

Income security: A basic human need

Poverty is so stressful that it can change the way the brain works. Ensuring income security is essential in this pandemic era.

Issue 4: Security
Why pandemic recovery will play out in rural and urban areas differently

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every country in the world, but its effects are playing out very differently in urban vs. rural places, exacerbating existing inequalities.

Issue 3: Place
The shecession: Women’s work, paid or unpaid, is rarely finished

Employment cuts brought on by the pandemic have hit women hardest, exacerbating the gender pay gap. But even when women lose their jobs, they’re never out of work.

Issue 2: Experimentation