Adejoke Adeboyejo

Adejoke Adeboyejo is a freelance writer and journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Having worked in human resources for more than 12 years, she now writes about the workplace, women’s issues and the environment.

Her most memorable paycheck: “The first payment I received after becoming self-employed as a freelance writer. I was paid $30 for writing a travel story about using public transit in Lagos.”

Latest articles

The 13th: Bonuses around the world

In some countries, workers are accustomed to a 13th month of pay (or even a 14th) as a bonus. What does that mean for payroll?

Issue 10: Trust
Global payroll education never stops

A payroll professional’s education is never finished. Here’s a look at global payroll education trends in 2023.

Issue 9: Back to School
Rethinking just-in-time staffing 

Lean staffing helped many businesses survive the 2008 financial crisis. But has just-in-time staffing become too risky?

Issue 8: Risk
How HR can foster belonging

People want to be able to bring their whole selves to work and are seeking out companies that embrace the inclusion part of DEI.

Issue 6: Care
How unlimited vacation actually plays out

Some companies attract talent by offering unlimited vacation days. But how does unlimited PTO work in the real world?

Issue 5: Out of Office
Creating security for gig economy workers

More countries are introducing measures to improve wage and social security for gig workers.

Issue 4: Security
How companies and workers are reacting to pandemic pay challenges

Many employees have experienced changes to their jobs and pay due to the pandemic, and the results have not always been positive.

Issue 3: Place
Thinking strategically with Dow’s global payroll data

How can global payroll data make an impact on a company? Dow worked with ADP to get payroll right and extract strategic insights.

Issue 3: Place
Unified payroll system gives Bombardier a global overview

Bombardier Transportation worked with ADP to ensure their global workforce could access vital payroll information during the pandemic.

Issue 2: Experimentation
Financial wellness programs essential for pandemic recovery

As the Covid-19 pandemic has strained people’s wallets around the world, more companies in Nigeria are providing financial literacy services to employees.

Issue 2: Experimentation