Not working is a very important part of working. Setting your status to Out of Office lets you recharge, reconnect and renew — essential for being fully present when you return to work. Issue 5 of the ADP ReThink Quarterly explores vacation days, holiday pay and the travel industry.

Time off has been on the rise since the Industrial Revolution, you’ll see in our infographics. Of course, one person’s play is another person’s work: The seafarers who keep the cruise industry afloat have encountered rough seas during the pandemic, as have the workers of Las Vegas, where entertainment is the primary industry. And speaking of being out of office: When you work as a spaceflight chaperone, there’s zero emails and zero gravity.

As working from home has taken off, the rise of digital nomads raises serious legal questions for payroll. New Zealand is still trying to fix its complicated holiday pay issue, and companies with unlimited vacation days have to back up their offers with action. We take a look at how Iceland transformed from economic crisis to tourist darling. And Marc Fafard of Raytheon Technologies shares his insights on global payroll innovations.