Kabir Agarwal

Kabir Agarwal is an independent journalist from India who writes on climate change, business and the economy. He has contributed to the Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Caravan magazine, Al Jazeera and most recently worked as a national reporter at The Wire – India’s leading independent news website. In 2018, he was awarded the Red Ink Award for excellence in journalism.

His first paycheck: “It was due in 2012 and was around €200 at a state university in India where I was working as a research assistant. But it only arrived in 2013 as the accounts office, competent only in matters of delays, worked its magic. I had to take loans from friends and family in the meantime.”

Latest articles

The potential of blockchain in payroll 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies might still catch on in payroll and HR. 

Issue 8: Risk
Parental benefits around the world in 5 infographics

Support for new parents has a direct effect on a country’s productivity, but paid leave isn’t guaranteed everywhere.

Issue 6: Care
Work and play in 5 infographics

Balancing working hours and vacation time looks very different depending on what country you’re in.

Issue 5: Out of Office
The long evolution of minimum wage

Real-life experiments show that increasing minimum wages doesn’t affect employment rates, but does help relieve poverty.

Issue 4: Security
Has the time finally arrived for Universal Basic Income?

With so many people around the world losing work during the pandemic, interest in UBI is on the rise. What have we learned so far?

Issue 2: Experimentation
Luxembourg’s luxuries fund lifelines to India

With its high salaries, Luxembourg draws many workers from around the world. A growing number of Indian citizens work there to support their families back home.

Issue 1: Lifelines